Friday 21 September 2012

Curved vertical window blinds Plymouth

Bays  windows can sometimes be a problem fitting blinds into the bay. You can do this area by placing several blinds side by side. Although this gives average coverage, it is not ideal and can be a real pain in operating the blinds.    Also the fact that each vertical blind will have a control, so this will lead too many controls to dealBlindology Blinds of Plymouth with  and can make the overall appearance a bit tacky.
Just a few pictures of our curved vertical blinds.

Bay window curved vertical blinds by Blindology Blinds of Plymouth

The curved vertical blind head rail gets over these problems by following the contour of your bay and only requiring one or two controls to operate it. With a curved vertical window blind you not only achieve a clean and modern finish, which will follow the curve of the bay, you will also get better coverage of your windows allowing for better shading, privacy and security.
Curved vertical window blinds Plymouth

Here the curved vertical window blind is closed, you can see that the blind follows the natural curve of the bay window adding a simple yet effective finish to the opening.

The majority of curved vertical blinds will need to be split in two, this is for ease in installing. The controls will be located either side of the opening, this also adds to a well balanced look and finish.

With any type of vertical blind you need to ensure that you can achieve the right look, this can range from plain pastel fabrics right through to big bold patterns. The main problem for customers is that getting the right advice in fabrics is so important. You need to ensure that the fabric is thick enough to offer good sun protection and privacy. Alot of fabrics that companies use are of a thin fabric material make up and will not offer this. Always ensure that you hold up any fabric into the sun to see how good it is at blocking the glare, this will inturn help you too choose the correct fabric.

Here is the curve of the vertical blind, you can see that it follows the natural curve of the bay window offering you a seamless finish.

Here again is another viewing of the same blind, in slightly more detail. This curved bay window vertical blind looks fantastic no matter what colour fabric you choose.

For a free no obligation quote and advice please contact Blindology Blinds of Plymouth, we are a local independant family business supplying Plymouth and surrounding areas with quality advice, professional installation and good quality blinds, along with a good old bit of outstanding customer service, all at an affordable price. Thank you.

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